Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Would you share your fingerprint? (poll)

As part of the POS system I'm working on, we're adding a feature to allow customers to be identified by their fingerprint instead of having to carry a loyalty card with them when they visit one of the stores using our system. It is completely optional... customers don't have to use their fingerprint to participate in a loyalty program, as we know that some people aren't comfortable sharing personally identifyable biometric information. We're just trying to come up with something more convenient than those little cards you have to carry on your keychain.

So this begs a few questions... And I'd love to hear from anyone reading this blog.

1. If you had the option, would you be comfortable using your fingerprint to identify you at a retail establishment instead of a keyring or wallet loyalty card?
2. Does the type of the establishment or size of the chain matter?
3. If not comfortable, and it was explained to you that the image of your fingerprint wasn't being stored, but rather an irreversible number that is calculated from your fingerprint, would that change your mind?
4. Would you be comfortable using your fingerprint to pay for your purchases?
5. Would you change your mind to any of the above if it meant that you could receive a discount on future purchases?

Just curious. (Extremely informal market research.) Thanks in advance!

(And just for the curious among you, knowing what I do about my system, I would be totally comfortable with all of the above with no hesitation. But I might be a little hesitant if it were someone else's.)


Colleen said...

I probably wouldn't think twice about it. My orthodontist started using a fingerprint sign-in and it didn't even occur to me to question it. Maybe I'm not paranoid enough. :)

Candice Warby said...

Let's just say, I hate loyalty cards. I hate them tracking my purchasing habits and tying it to my demographic. On the news the other day it said they were able to convict a guy of blowing up a building because they tracked his spending. While good in this case, I don't really like it in my case. I know there are good sides to it, it just makes me nervous. I'm not sure what I think. But it is an interesting idea, and I'm sure that many people would be more than willing to participate

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