Friday, December 12, 2008

The Happiness that is Low Gas Prices

I filled up the tank in my truck last week for less than $30.  That is amazing!  Not too long ago it cost me $80 to fill the same tank on the same truck.  Low gas prices make me happy.

The ironic thing, though, is this comes at a time when I don’t drive much.  I noticed on the sticker on my windshield that it has been six months since my last oil change, yet I have driven less than 2000 miles since then.  And about 500 of those miles have been airport trips, so in reality I’m only averaging about 250 miles per month.  That really isn’t very much.  But it’s happening when gas prices are the lowest they have been since I got my truck.  The ironing is delicious.

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Cheryl H said...

I've been loving the low gas prices too--especially since Blake got his Lexus and he has to use Premium!! It's such a beautiful thing to not feel like you have been robbed at the gas pump.

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