Friday, January 2, 2009

What Goes Around...

Tulsa, OK -- Doug and brother Brent arrive early at the Tulsa airport to ensure they are able to make the first leg of their trip back home to Utah.  Last year the security lines for similar flights the same time of day were uncharacteristically long, resulting in Doug nearly missing his flight.  Today, however, things would be different.  There was nobody waiting at the airline ticketing counter.  Nobody waiting to get through airport security.  They arrived at their gate nearly an hour and a half before departure time.

As coincidence would have it, there was another flight with the same destination leaving from the gate just minutes after their arrival there.  Within mere seconds of the time they sat down an airline representative approached them and asked if they were waiting for the later flight.  They were offered the opportunity to board the earlier flight.  American Airlines had not been able to fill the flight, and seats were being offered to anyone willing to fill them.

So both Doug and Brent were seated on the earlier flight, in an exit row, with an empty seat between them.  But this was no ordinary exit row.  There was enough space between their row and the one ahead that Doug was able to completely stretch out his legs without touching the seat in front of him.   "This was the first time I have ever been able to do that," Doug said.  Brent, with longer legs, was not able to stretch his legs out completely, but also found the extra space welcome.  "Meh," was his exact word.  American Airlines could not be reached for comment.

While the pair still have an additional flight later today, the extra time to relax and first dibs on AC power outlets to power their laptops in the Dallas-Fort Worth airport were appreciated.  "Today's experience was very nice, especially considering my previous flying experience," Doug said with regard to a flight two weeks previous, where he gave up his seat next to an attractive, desirable flying companion, in exchange for the nonsensical ramblings of a gregarious voluble elderly woman with active, sharp elbows.  "I guess what goes around comes around after all."

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Cheryl H said...

I'm glad your experience was better this go around. I thoroughly enjoyed having NO flying experience this Christmas. I totally missed you guys but staying home has been very relaxing and I've been catching up on sleep, which I need since baby is due in less than 6 weeks now!

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