Monday, May 31, 2010

LOST Survey Results

Here we go… the results of my LOST survey.   With my own thoughts and feelings following at the end.


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My Own Thoughts

Discussions about LOST could go on forever, and I certainly don’t want to get too detailed in my own thoughts, but I would like to say a few things, especially with regard to the way the series ended.

For the most part I enjoyed the series, but found myself frustrated by it probably as much as I enjoyed it.  My analytical mind doesn’t like to have questions go unanswered, and as anyone who watched the show knows, the writers enjoyed creating new questions more than they enjoyed providing answers to them.  And that internal battle was probably a hurdle that I never fully overcame, so I was never really able to full invest myself into the show. 

A lot of fans of the show would go back and re-watch episodes to try to pick up on small details that would be missed the first time through.  I, on the other hand, with the exception of the pilot and finale, only watched each episode one time.  I just couldn’t get into it enough to invest more time than I did.

But moving on to the story as a whole, I did enjoy the character development and the way the show would do flashbacks and give background to those characters.  It made it that much more believable when we would see characters do things that would have otherwise seemed unusual.

But, on to the finale…

Some may have been really surprised by the way the series ended.  I expected some sort of spiritual ending, just based on the fact that so many spiritual issues had been raised, especially in this last season, with the Jacob vs. the man in black representing good vs. evil so prominently just as one prime example.  So for the answer to “what’s going on here?” to be “this is an afterlife experience” wasn’t a huge shock for me.  I can’t say that I knew ahead of time that the sideways story wasn’t mortal life, but there was definitely something askew and it just did not feel like it was real.  So to have it revealed that it wasn’t was not a shock.  The rug may have been tugged, but it wasn’t ripped out from under me.

There were several aspects of the finale that I really liked.  I liked having many past characters return, and the many reunions that ensued as a result (and yes, I did get a little emotional with some).  I liked that Jack and Kate were finally together (I never liked her with Sawyer).  I liked that Claire wasn’t really crazy after all (she was one of my favorite characters, so I didn’t like that she was behaving so strangely earlier in the season).  I liked that they did get rid of the MIB.  I liked that Hurley had the opportunity to step up and take charge.  I like that they explained (at least to some degree) why this particular group of people was selected to be on the island. 

While it was enjoyable, I don’t think I will go back and watch the series again.  Six seasons of one hour episodes is a lot of content to try to take in again.  I don’t exactly have 121 hours to spare.  I know a lot of the things we wondered about in earlier seasons would make more sense in retrospect, but I’m not so attached to the show that I can make that commitment again.


Drew said...

Interesting thoughts and survey results. I'm definitely going to go back and watch them all straight through after a short breather (The Wife hasn't seen a couple of seasons so it would be good for her to pick up on the things she missed). I do think this show is different than anything that has ever been on TV, and of course I certainly call it the best ever. I actually did find the ending to be quite spiritual though.

Dirtius Wifius said...

My own personal theory is that the crazy stuff that happened on the island were just random things that happened - all to make the circumstances for these characters to have their extraordinary experiences on the island. In other words - the weird stuff was the material they needed.

For example, the numbers? Totally unnecessary to everyone except Hurley. He needed them in order to overcome and see that he could make his own luck. It was the numbers that allowed him to find himself on the island.

With that theory, the lack of answers doesn't bother me much. I would have loved to have gotten more, of course.

And the ending was perfect for me. I could have used another season of just answers, but the ending was exactly right, IMO.

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