Monday, April 27, 2009

Help Chuck!

Many of you probably already know I’m a fan of the Chuck television series on NBC. It’s very well written, and it offers something for everyone. It’s full of comedy, action, and romance, and does it all while keeping it pretty family friendly. And everybody I know that has seen it has gotten hooked.

Tonight is the season finale. I’m VERY excited for it. The buzz going around the Internet is that this is going to be an amazing episode. In addition to the stellar regular cast, Scott Bakula and Chevy Chase guest star tonight, along with some guest stars from previous episodes.

Right now the show is in danger of not being renewed for next season. If it isn’t picked up it will be a shame because it will certainly be replaced with yet another sex-filled comedy or serial drama, or worse, a reality show. There aren’t very many shows left on TV that we can watch with our families, so we really need people to speak up and voice their opinion that we need MORE shows like this, not less.

Since this show is teetering on the edge of renewal, there are several campaigns going on to try to push NBC toward picking it back up. Today fans are encouraged to buy a Subway footlong and fill out a comment card letting Subway know we are thankful that they are sponsoring the show. Others are organizing letter writing campaigns to the decision makers at NBC. Of course, I will be participating in all of the above. (I just finished my Subway sandwich a moment ago.) More about the campaign here.

It really is a great show. The writing and acting are excellent. Every episode is consistently very good. The cast is talented and beautiful (something for everyone). And tonight’s, from what I’m hearing, is going to be amazing.

So tune in tonight at 7 (or whenever it airs where you live) and give it a shot if you aren’t watching already. Then go watch back episodes at (newest) and (season 1). Or buy the season 1 DVDs. Or get any episode on iTunes or

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