Sunday, April 5, 2009

Home Theater Makeover, Part III

I’ve been wanting to build a real platform for the second row of seating in my home theater ever since the living room makeover started five months ago, but my miter saw was misbehaving, so I didn’t dare use it (never trust a malfunctioning saw).  Which meant I had to wait until I could afford a replacement.  Two weeks ago I finally got one, and Brad was kind enough to assist me in building a new platform.  He brought his fiancé Erin along, who picked out the carpet for it and offered moral support.


So there it is… 8’ x 11’ x 10” of very solidly-built platform, constructed and carpeted in a hair over 3 hours.  It might not necessarily look that sturdy, but it is built very well – much stronger than the floors in your home, so I trust that it will last a long time.  And it has lots of storage underneath.  I’m thinking of adding safety lighting underneath too, but I’m still undecided on that.

And here’s the new saw, a DeWalt DW717.  It’s very nice.  And hopefully I’ll never have to replace it.


Next up for the home theater: a new equipment rack, and a stand for the TV and center channel speaker.  But who knows when either of those will happen.

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