Sunday, May 31, 2009

There’s a dead porcupine in my house


In an unfortunate highway incident, Peter Porcupine has departed this world.  It seems that porcupines don’t hold up well to the weight and velocity of delivery trucks.

Paul and I created this in celebration of Shannon’s birthday.  Shannon has a Porcupine Party every year in which she (and one or more of her sisters, when available) make cakes shaped like porcupines, and this was our tribute to the porcupine cake.  Or maybe it’s a well-intended mockery.  I’m still not sure.


The version that Paul and I created was chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and candle quills.  Considering I’m not a baker and Paul had never decorated a cake before, it turned out pretty well.  (Tip: for a moister cake, add a packet of Jell-O Pudding Singles to the mix.)

1 comment:

Shannon said...

It both looked and tasted fabulous! You guys both have natural talent.

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