Tuesday, May 19, 2009

We have achieved 600!

I’ve been right on the cusp of reaching my 600th DVD title for a little while now, but I’m pleased to announced that this milestone has just been reached.  The 600th DVD title to enter my collection is… (drum roll, please…) The 179th Annual LDS General Conference.

I was looking for something significant to become the 600th title to add to the collection, and this one arrived unannounced in my mailbox today.  Not quite what I had in mind for the 600th, but it will work.

If I’m ever bored maybe I’ll sit down and figure out what my 600th movie was.  The software I use to keep track of my discs tracks by title, and titles include boxed sets as single items.  So there are numerous titles with multiple movies in them (3 in Star Wars IV-VI, 3 in Indiana Jones, 6 in Rocky, etc.) so the 600th movie milestone was actually reached some time ago.  Unless TV shows on DVD don’t count, in which case I’d still have a few to go.  If you go by disc count, well, 600 would have been achieved a very long time ago with all of the multi-disc sets that I buy.

How long has it taken to reach this goal?  Well I bought one of the very first DVD players available in the spring of 1997.  And a few months later I actually bought the very first DVD player that came to Utah county.  I may not have been the first to own it, but the fact that I do now counts for something, right?  So I’ve been collecting for about 12 years, which works out to 50 titles per year, or about one per week on average.  The actual rate has picked up significantly recently, though… I reached 500 only a few months ago.  When I got my first player very few movies were available, so new movies that piqued my interest were rare.

At any time you can browse the whole collection here.

The disc format breakdown currently is: 544 DVD-only, 23 Blu-Ray, and 25 HD-DVD-only, and 8 HD-DVD/DVD combo.

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